Low Crack - v1
Sit start on right most of crack. Traverse left in crack and follow to topout.
Backside - v3
Stand start with high crimps on face. (Crack is off)
Ringside - v9
F.A. David Lama
High stand start with far left crimp and right hand sidepull. Climb straight up the face.

Ringside Low - Project
Sit start matched on crimps. Climb up to and through Ringside.
Tough Guy - v3
Stand start matched on crimps straight up face. (Right crack off)
Barrel Hug - v4
Stand start and hug your way up bulging arete.
Blues Crack - v2
Stand start and climb up crack.
Falling Up - v7
Start with left undercling and right crimp above ledge foot. Climb straight up blank face.
Bear Hug - v7
High start (helps to stack pads) Hug bulge and foot smear in face. Squeeze, heel hook and smear your way up this...thing.
Zen Slab - v2
Stand start and climb bulgy arete.
The Eagle Slab - v3
Stand start in scoop on face and climb straight up.
Eagle Arete - v5
Start the same as The Eagle Slab but climb up using the left arete.
Puff of Smoke - v8?
Stand start on high left crimp and right hand sidepull. Try to finagle your way up the tall face.
For the Love of Friction - v2
Climb up slab in face.
Easy Glove Slab - vB
Climb slab.
Dogwood Arẽte - v4
Sit start and climb arete.
Little Puppies - vB
Climb slab.