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Half Pipe Area

Spiderman Area

Spiderman Traverse - v4
Sit start with crimps in crack. Traverse up and right along arete.
Antivenom - v5
Sit start with crimps in crack and traverse all the way to top out The Other Side. 
Spiderman Direct - v3

Sit start on underclings and climb straight over the bulge.
Spiderman Crack - v2
Sit start on underclings and climb up right through the crack.
Spiderman Arẽte - v3
Sit start right arete and climb straight up.
Spiderman Slab - v0
Stand start on jugs in middle of face and climb straight up.
Venom - v5
Stand start matched on jugs in middle of face. Stay low and trend left to top out Spiderman Direct.
The Other Side - v1
Stand start on crack side-pull. Follow the crack line to top out.
Spider Mantle - v3
High start on sloper bulge on arete. Mantle to top out.

Craigs Rail Boulder

Kids Slab BBB - v0
Climb the slab on the right most of face.
Bad Boulder Slab - v0
Climb the slab on the middle of face using side-pull on slab.
Bad Boys Slab - v1
Climb the slab on the left of face.
Project - v?
Stack pads and jump to compress arete. Try to establish feet and climb over the arete.
Craigs Rail and Mantle - v6
High start on side-pulls. (Crux is establishing feet for start move) Climb up the crack to sloper/mantle top out. 

Twisted Wrister Boulder

Kids Slab - vB
Climb the slab.
Twisted Wrister - v7
F.A. - Arian Bates
Start with left hand on undercling and right hand on crimp. Make a long reach straight up to crimp top out. (Helps to be tall)
Wrister McTwist - v5
Start as per Twisted Wrister and traverse right into and finish Mikes New Problem.
Mikes New Problem - v2
Stand start on crimps and climb straight up face.