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Zahnd Guidebook PDF
Updated Oct 27 2017

Zahnd is a 1,387 acre Wildlife Management Area located in Walker County, GA, approximately 15 minutes away from Rocktown. The actual boulder field is approximately 163 acres, containing over 100 established boulder problems with many projects to be finished!

Zahnd borders private property, so please remember to be courteous and stay off any land you think may not be apart of the WMA. If someone says you’re on their land and asks you to leave, it’s best that you respect their wishes and leave. We want to preserve this area for the climbing community and the best way to do that is to be respectful and polite to the landowners in the area.

Zahnd was originally designated as a state natural area, a place for protected animals and plants. When you visit Zahnd, please remember to minimize your impact; stay on established trails, respect any wildlife and/or plants, and pack out all your gear and trash. Visit the Access Fund website to learn more about The Climber’s Pact and remember to Leave No Trace.

There is no camping at Zahnd but camping can be found at the Sawmill Campsite by Rocktown.  A Hunting License, Fishing License, or Land’s Pass is required to be present in the WMA. Your GORP is no longer valid. More information here.

And finally, we wouldn’t have been able to create this guide without the knowledge and help of other climbers in the community. If you have helped us at all, we thank you. Your contribution will help many other climbers go out and discover just how great Zahnd is. And remember, the members of Caffeine and Climbing are only human, we make mistakes too. If you see something that you think is wrong, please let us know and we would love to correct it.


Location and Parking

Zahnd Wildlife Management Area
Menlo, GA 30731

There is a small gravel parking lot off of 157. 


This is by no means, a complete list of climbs/names or areas within the park, but with your help it can be.


We intend for this guide to be used on your phone or tablet while you're out climbing but you can also browse our site to see parts of the guide. The file is large so make sure you download it before you head out.


Updated Oct 27 2017