@cyka  on Vagtastic Voyage

@cyka on Vagtastic Voyage

A1. Vagtastic Voyage - v2/4
'Lay-down' start on jug. Make your way backwards and up arẽte.
A2. Mac-Daddy - v3/4
Start on crimp and side pull. Make your way up fat arẽte via slopers and compression.
A3. Sassy-Frass - v3/4
Start on crimps and climb up over bulge. (left of the above)

B1. Unknown - "v9"
On opposite side of blank face from Phantom arẽte, sit start low on crimps. Make your way up and through crimps. 
B2. Phantom Arẽte' - v4
Sit start low on huge arẽte. Climb it all the way up

C1. Like a Bird - v3/4
Sit start right of arete and make long balancing moves to a heady top out.
C2. Shlice - v2/3
Stand start on your choice of holds, making balancing up and right through the large water groove. Watch out for the tree behind you.
C3. A Good Mormon - v2
Sit start left of large water groove; Climb up the shortened face.
C4. Wake and Bake - v1/2
Climb up the right most face of the wall; break left or right for an easy top out.

D1. Solar Flare - v5
Start matched on crimps with a far-out heel hook. Make your way straight up through slopers.
D2. Solar Flare Low - v7
Start left of Solar Flare on double under-clings. Climb right and finish Solar Flare.
D3. Solar Eclipse - v7/8
Sit start on low crimp pockets under arete. Move right and finish through Solar Flare.
D4. Phantasm
Sit start on sloping side pulls with your choice of feet. Try to climb straight up through terrible slopers reaching an easy-ish top out.
D5. Cut it Out - vB
Climb straight up for a great warm up climb.

E- Zahnd First Batch-91.jpg
                                                                                 @HipMitch on Razors Edge

                                                                                 @HipMitch on Razors Edge

E1. The Turret - v3
Sit start on the lowest jug rail and make your way up the tall face through hueco's and under-clings.
E2. Chisel Chest - v5
Start as per The Turret. Break right through side pulls and press out the blank face.
E3. Gillette - v8
(Drag Your Johnson)
Start matched via underclings on the Turret. (Start the Turret facing Razors Edge) Climb out right/backwards through side-pulls and crimps to gain the start of, and finish, Razors Edge.
E4. Razors Edge - v6
Start matched on lowest jug rail. Make your way up and right through the obvious feature.
Daedelus - v9
Start low on opposing crimps climbing out left to Razors Edge. Break out left and traverse the face into, and finishing, The Turret.
E6. Razors Burn - v9
(Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives)
Start low on opposing crimps climbing out left, and finishing up, Razors Edge.
E7. Razors Edge Right - v6
Start low right on the right most face. Climb up and left finishing through Razors Edge.
E8. Unknown - vB
Start on jugs on middle of face. Climb straight up.

F- Zahnd First Batch-11.jpg

F1. Monkey Humper - v5
Start matched on the obvious jug in middle of blank face. Make your way left and up through under-clings and side pulls.
F2. Harvest Moon - v8
Start as per Monkey Humper. Climb straight up through crimps and dyno to bomber jug.
F3. Harvest Moon Low - v9/10
Sit start low on right hand under-cling crimp and left hand side pull. Make your way up and left finishing Harvest Moon.
F4. Pray Like a Mantis - v9/10
Start as per Harvest Moon Low. Make your way up and left to Harvest Moon but break out right via compression and heel hooks. Top out through water-groove with a jug hold.

Grapefruit - v5
(Not Pictured)
Start as per E1. The Turret, but break left along the hanging arete. 

@jonpad92 on Monkey Humper

@jonpad92 on Monkey Humper

                                                                                                                            @jmartin38  on Harvest Moon

                                                                                                                           @jmartin38 on Harvest Moon

Left of Scream 3 - Unknown - v7/8
Sit start on crimp under-clings. Make big moves up and through face.
G1. Scream 3 - v6
Sit start low hugging arẽte. Make your way up left and follow the lip to top out left of water groove.
G2. Bear Hug - v3
Start low on crimps. Make your way up through arẽte to an awkward top out.
G3. Pure Power - v9/10
Start as per Bear Hug. Climb straight up face through water groove.
G4. Tales of Power - v7
Start low on compression under-clings. Make powerful moves up through water-grooved crimps.