Boat Rock Guide

Boat Rock is 1 of 5 known Batholiths in Georgia. Containing coarse granite boulders, this area offers a very unique and technically advanced slab climbing style. 

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No Camping

Access: Boat Rock is located on private land and it is only by the graces of the developer and the adjacent land owners that we are able to climb there. Boat Rock is not considered a destination climbing area but rather a quaint urban escape for Atlanta climbers. All are welcome in some areas, but please realize that this area cannot handle a deluge of climbers. If crowds escalate, it will not bode well with the local citizenry.

Visitors, please be aware that the boulders in the neighborhood behind Boat Rock are completely off limits. The land developers of the new neighborhood have been very clear and direct about not wanting climbings in there. Also of note. The homeowner with the huge boulder in his yard (next to Boat Rock Road) is very unfriendly to climbers, Once the adjacent land is purchased by climbers and clear property bounderies are drawn the situation may change, however meanwhile it's best to keep a safe distance from his house or the boulders near it...Please respect the rights of local land owners. If you are asked to leave the area by an owner, please do so immediately.

Unfortunately, the boulder field has been trashed over the years due to vandals and roque dumpers. If you climb here, please take out a bag of trash when you leave. Also, make sure no climbing trash is left behind.

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition has recently bought a 7.8 acre tract adjacent to Boat Rock Road that is loaded with boulders. You can make a donation to this cause and learn more about Boat Rock on the SCC website: or by sending your tax deductible donation to: 
1936 Wellona Place NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30345